Generate Images Using Blackboard AI Design Assistant

What is it ?

Blackboard Design Assistant gives you an option to choose royalty free image using ‘Unsplash’ for your Learning module.

What does it do ?

This feature provides the option to search for royalty free images in ‘Unsplash’ within your module. There is the further option to edit the text to customise the image and also adjust the ratio.

What Should I know ?

Step 1. You can directly insert AI-generated or stock images into the text editor by selecting the Image button.

Step 2. When you use Unsplash, the search terms will be automatically suggested based on the text you provide. However, if you prefer to use your own search terms, you can simply click the “X” button to clear the auto populated suggestions. You can enter your own keywords for a more personalised search experience.

Screen shot of image generation panel with Unsplash selected as image source.

and then click on the “search” button. 

Step 3. Adjust image appearance.

  • Once you’ve selected an image to insert, click on “Next.” From there, you’ll have the opportunity to customize how the image appears within your text
  • Choose an aspect ratio, consider landscape or portrait options, and use the grid lines to fine-tune your image display.
  • Use the slider to zoom and drag the grid lines to adjust the focus, select ‘Next’ when you’re ready to insert the image
Screenshot of editing panel to adjust aspect ratio

Step 4. Provide a display name, it is also recommended to add alt text or mark as decorative, to make the image accessible to users with screen readers.

Screenshot of edit screen to provide image name ,alt text and file options.

Please note: By default the option is set to ‘View and download’ the image , you may choose an alternative option however if you select ‘Download only’ users will only see a image placeholder until they download the image.

Screenshot of image placeholder.

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Updated on 11/06/2024

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