Question Bank generation from Ultra Documents

What is it ?

Question Banks are collections of questions that can be reused across multiple assessments. Utilising the AI Design Assistant, you can generate question banks from a Ultra Document to evaluate students’ understanding efficiently.

Steps to Generate a Question Bank

Step 1: Select “Generate question bank”

Within your Ultra Document, choose the option to generate a question bank.

Screenshot of Ultra document with 'generate question bank' option.

Step 2: Define Question Generation Parameters

You have several options to specify how the AI Design Assistant generates questions:

  1. Complexity: Adjust the complexity level of the questions to match your students’ proficiency.
  2. Quantity: Select the number of questions you want to generate.
  3. Advanced Options: Click the arrow beside Advanced options to change the output language.
Screenshot of the question bank generation page with Define question options highlighted

Step 3: Choose Question Types

You can select from a variety of question types:

  • Essay
  • Fill in the blank
  • Matching
  • Multiple choice
  • True/False

The “Inspire me!” option provides a mix of question types to offer more variety.

Step 4: Generate and Select Questions

Once you have set your preferences, select the “Generate” button. The AI will create questions based on the content of your Ultra Document. Review the generated questions and choose the ones you want to include in your Question Bank by selecting “Add to Question Bank.”

Screenshot of the question bank generation page with add question option highlighted

Step 5: Review and Edit Questions

On the generated question bank page, you will find options to filter, search, and edit questions. It is essential to review each question for accuracy and relevance. You can also edit questions to better align them with your learning objectives.

Screenshot of the generated question bank screenshot with option to further filter and review the same.

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Updated on 12/06/2024

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