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Journal Generation Using Blackboard AI Design Assistant

What is it ?

Staff can now generate Journal topics using Blackboards AI Design Assistant. It provides suggestions for topics based on the course context you select using its AI capabilities.

What does it do ?

The AI Design Assistant provides suggestions for Journal topics, you can choose the suggestions provided based on the cognitive levels. There is the option to further edit the content in order to customise the journal as required.

What Should I Know ?

Step 1. Enter a Description

Start by entering a description for your journal. This description should be concise (limited to 2000 characters) and should narrow down the focus of the journals you want to generate.

Step 2. Select the Desired Cognitive Level

Choose the cognitive level you want the journals to target. You have several options

  • Apply
  • Analyse
  • Evaluate
  • Create
  • Inspire me ! ( This is a mix of all levels )
Screenshot of Journal Generation screen with option to enter description and choose cognitive level is highlighted

Step 3. Edit the results

  • Move the slider to adjust the complexity of the journal’s focus
  • Select whether or not you want to generate a title for journals
  • Select the arrow beside Advanced options to change the output language 
Screenshot of Journal Generation screen with option to choose complexity and advanced option is highlighted

Additionally, you can choose which course items you want the AI Design Assistant to provide context for the new journals. Begin by clicking on ‘Select course items’

  • Select the arrow next to a folder or learning module to include items contained within it.
  • Once you have finished selecting items for the context, choose ‘Select items’ to proceed to question generation.
  • After finalising your settings, click on ‘Generate’. Examine each journal for accuracy and bias. Select the journal you wish to include in your course, then click on ‘Add’.

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Updated on 12/06/2024

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