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What is it?

Organisations are like modules in the way that they present content and allow users to communicate, but are intended for school, discipline, or programme information. There are also organisations for supportive information as well as communities and activities.

What does it do?

Organisations are often used for school or discipline-based information, some training (such as cyber-security training), supportive guides and information (such as organisations created by Careers, the Academic Skills Centre, or the Library), or ad-hoc staff or student groups. Organisations have no set start or end date and exist in My Dundee until the owner requests they are removed.

What should I know?

If you receive notifications from any Organisations, make sure you pay attention to what Organisations the notification came from. Unless these notifications are from your school/programme or you have been informed that you need to complete something, you likely will not be required to complete anything in an organisation.

There are many organisations that enrol all students, and these sometimes have optional “knowledge check” quizzes in them that can trigger a notification. This doesn’t mean the item is mandatory, so we advise that you carefully read what organisation it came from.

Step 1: Log in to My Dundee and click on the tab for “Organisations” in the left-hand menu.

Screenshot of the My Dundee side bar menu.

Step 2: Select an organisation you would like to enter.

If you cannot see the specific organisation you are looking for, type the name of the organisation into the search bar and ensure that you have the filter set to ‘All Organisations’. You can also use the drop-down list to browse categories of organisations.

My Dundee organisations page

Note: you cannot change the order of organisations in your list. Organisations are listed in alphabetical order and grouped by term. If you select the star icon on a frequently accessed organisation, it will add it to your favourites, and it will then appear at the top of your organisation list. This is particularly useful if you are enrolled on many different organisations.

Updated on 11/03/2024

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