• Invalid or Missing state error in Turnitin

    Update: Turnitin has informed us that the following should fix this error. If the error still persists please log a call with help4u with FAO CTIL in the title. The error message “Sorry, we could not process your request. Invalid or missing state” can usually be resolved by editing your…

  • Collaborate Downtime 11/11/21 (Resolved)

    We have been informed by Blackboard that on the 11th of November Collaborate experienced a period of downtime due to an update in Blackboard. The update has now taken place and we have been informed that Collaborate is now running as normal. If you are still experiencing issues with Collaborate…

  • Use Student Preview

    What is it? The Student Preview feature in Blackboard is an opportunity to view your module as your students would. This is a really useful feature to review your module before you release it to students, and get a first-hand experience of any tests you create to make sure they…

  • Remove your preview user submission

    What is it? Removing a preview user submission from an assignment or test may be necessary if you want to make any changes to the test or assignment. What does it do? When in the Student Preview mode, you may have submitted assignments as if you were a student in…

  • Share your video three ways

    My Media Collection in YuJa is the storage facility for all the videos that you own. Any video that you upload will be stored here. You can also share your videos with your students.

  • Customise the visibility for your video

    Once you have embedded your video content into your Blackboard module document, you can choose specific release conditions and determine the availability to students.

  • Create and populate Resource Lists

    Resource Lists are an online application for instructors, library staff, and students to collaboratively create, manage, and view reading lists for academic courses. Resource lists can contain a diverse range of content, including e-books, podcasts and videos in addition to more traditional mediums such as journal articles and textbooks. 

  • Create and populate a document

    You may have, by now, created your basic module structure within course content using Learning Modules and Folders in MyDundee. You will now begin to upload content including documents from your computer. This guide will take you through how to upload a document to your MyDundee module.

  • Create a Folder

    After creating your Learning Modules in the course content area, you may now want to add folders within them or create separate folders in addition to your Learning Modules.