• Create a Learning Module

    In Blackboard, the main tabs within your course content page are known as Learning Modules. Within these, you would need to populate them with folders and documents that will form the structure of your UoD module content.

  • Gradebook overview

    The gradebook is a feature in Blackboard that allows you to access all the data related to any coursework and assessments in your module.

  • Remove a member of staff from your module

    You may want to remove yourself or a staff member from a module when you or they are no longer required to have visibility of it, for example, if the staff member no longer teaches on the module or has left the university. It is important to make sure that staff lists are up to date as well as the student lists to ensure best practice and data security.

  • Log in to My Dundee

    My Dundee is the University’s primary online learning platform where academics can deliver their modules online in part or in full, and students can access content, activities, assessment and more as part of their studies. The platform is based on Blackboard Learn which provides a modern, stable, flexible environment with a range of tools to support all learning activities. 

  • Change your status and use reactions

    In Collaborate, participants will be able to communicate their level of participation in the session by choosing a status or using a ‘reaction’

  • Create a poll

    Using polls in Collaborate is a good way to engage your students by inviting them to participate, asking them a question or asking for their opinion on something.

  • Use the hands up feature

    Hands up is a feature on Blackboard Collaborate where students can visually bring the moderator’s attention to themselves to ask a question or note if they have something to contribute.