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Taking a Remote Online Assessment

Most remote online exams can be accessed from the exam version of your module in My Dundee. These will be named in the format “Exam Module – Module Code – Module Title” and can be found on your Modules page once logged into My Dundee.

For a small number of remote online exams using subject specific software, or for exams taking place outwith the official exam diet (e.g. a CMA, quiz, class test), these can usually be found in the Assessment folder within your teaching module on My Dundee. Your module teaching team should make you aware of where to access your exam.

If you are struggling to find where to access your exam, please contact your module teaching team.

Below are some guides that may help you access and complete your remote online exam.

General My Dundee


Blackboard Tests and Assignments



Updated on 30/11/2022

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